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The New Retirement-Ality

The New Retirement-Ality

Do you ever find yourself worrying about retirement? Unsure about how much money you'll need? Trying to figure out how all the pieces fit? Proper retirement planning is no easy task as there are lots of moving parts. But with the help of our retirement experts, we can help you make sense of your situation and support you on your journey towards a successful retirement. We'll help you adopt a new "retirement-ality" about your future once you can see the clear path towards achieving your unique lifegoals. And help you have a better relationship with your retirement so that you can keep living the life you desire.

Wealth Protector

You've worked hard for your money. So protecting the wealth you have created is critical. At Compass Wealth Partners, our unique "Wealth Protector" process combines elements of investment growth with proper risk protection so that you can sleep better at night. We want you to have the confidence that your investments are well looked after so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Wealth Protector

The Tax-Smart Money Plan

The Tax-Smart Money Plan

Tired of paying too much tax to the government? You're not alone. It's time to develop a "tax-smart" money plan to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. For most Canadian households, income taxes are their single biggest annual expense. So how do you create a plan to reduce the income tax you pay each year? Let our tax planning team help you develop a "tax-smart" money plan today.

Service and Investments Your Local Bank Can't Offer

Why limit yourself to the constrained service approach and investment offerings found within the bank? We shop the world for top performing investment ideas and integrate the solutions with personalized service that fits your unique life goals and financial ambitions. Not only that, we completely align our interests with our clients; unlike banks or other institutions who also serve the interests of their shareholders.

Service and Investments

Client Success Stories

“We have always received a warm welcome from everyone in the office. Steve and Isaac have handled our investments for many years. All changes, whether positive or negative have been explained to us in layman terms so we always understand what is happening with our investments. Their rapport with our family and grandchildren is exemplary. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Compass Wealth to anyone and everyone. Thanks for caring for us.”

“We have had Steve as our financial advisor for many years. He is easy going, professional, and makes both of us very comfortable regarding our portfolio. In our opinion, he has done a stellar job for us in our retirement planning in which we are now enjoying the benefits of his sound financial advice. We like to consider Steve as a friend as well as a Certified Financial Planner and we wish him nothing but the best and continued success in what is sometimes a difficult climate.”

"Have been associated with Steve Musial for my financial planning needs for approximately 25 years. Have always found his advice and handling of my account to be satisfying, comforting and rewarding. I am retired now & live in Florida and appreciate the extra income I receive due to his excellent advice and guidance. It has been so nice knowing that his son Isaac has joined him at Compass Wealth, I so enjoy his enthusiasm for the business. I highly recommend Compass Wealth. I trust them."

"Absolutely Fantastic!!!! Thank you to everyone at Compass Wealth Partners! Extremely knowledgeable & professional; listened to my needs, courteous staff, responded extremely quickly to correspondence; excellent customer service."

"Have always had a very good experience with Steve and his group. They always take the time to explain what's going on and provide valuable feedback on our investments. They are very good at making themselves available to answer any and all questions. They are always stressing patience when the market is volatile. Lots of wealth and knowledge. Thank you."

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