Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Each year brings with it much fulfillment, as well as several challenges. Well, 2018 was no exception.

We started the year knee deep in office renovations, wondering how the new space was going to impact our clients, as well as what effect it would have on our ability to remain supportive and organized. Since moving in on April 3rd, we think most of those questions have been answered. Many thanks to all of you who have welcomed the change with open arms! We are thrilled with your acceptance and delight for our new space.

As always, our commitment is to offer a financial planning experience that addresses any and all issues that require the attention of a professional planning team. To that end, the addition of the new meeting room provides us with the flexibility to host larger family meetings, lunch and learn sessions and even a few fun events from time to time as a way of connecting with each other on a more personal and meaningful level.

Since Isaac joined the firm six years ago, we have made a dedicated effort to invest in our business. Not only have we devoted resources to our physical office location, but we have also put our best foot forward in advancing the abilities of our administrative staff. Our goal is to provide a satisfying and comfortable experience each time you meet with us, or call in for support. We are confident that we are prepared to meet all of your investment and financial planning needs, while readying ourselves to accept the challenge of the next generation of clients who are following in your footsteps.

Forever grateful for our own well-being, our minds always drift towards those less fortunate during the holiday season. There is no shortage of ideas as to who needs help, so in the spirit of building a stronger community, we will continue to support a few local organizations that have a direct pulse on the type of assistance needed to provide a hand up for our neighbours.

Many thanks for allowing us to partner with you and your family. We appreciate your business.

Our office will be closing at 12:00 noon on Monday December 24th, and we will be available by phone or email, as required, between Christmas and News Year. Our first full day back in the office will be Wednesday January 2, 2019.

Stephen Musial
Isaac Musial
Daniela Musial
Emma Snider