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Canada’s New Passive Income Rules: Take an Ax to the Tax


As a successful business owner, you know just how difficult it can be to turn on the lights in the morning and carry on your business with consistent success.  Each day, you are faced with important decisions which can impact the success or failure of your business.  Here are some practical tips for how you can combat the new passive investment income rules passed by the Federal government in 2018.

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire

Do I have enough money to retire comfortably?

5 Steps To Help You Worry Less About Retirement

There are a lot of things on people’s minds these days.  Whether it’s the current state of our public institutions, fear over the economy or just simple day-to-day issues like the affordability of food and shelter, Canadians are walking around with a lot of worries. 

The Up Side of a Down Market

Just last week I was at Costco picking up a few things when I noticed a massive line up of cars coiled in several directions around the already packed parking lot.  The line-up of cars waiting to fill up their gas tanks was huge.  By huge I mean that I literally couldn’t move anywhere in this parking lot – I could immediately feel my stress levels rising.


In years past, when an individual was preparing for retirement or leaving their employer for another job, it was commonplace that they would leave their defined benefit pension entitlement with their previous employer with the understanding that they would receive a monthly pension in retirement. Yet in recent years, there are a number of factors which have ‘flipped the script’ on the pension decision. Today, many employees are giving serious consideration as to why they may consider commuting their company pensions.


With April just getting underway, I always get excited this time of year. With each rare glimpse of what a beautiful spring day could look like, I know that warmer weather is on its way. And this means more time out in the outdoors doing the things I love.

As an avid gardener and “green thumb” in my spare time and as a wealth advisor in my professional life, I’ve come to notice some pretty interesting similarities between my gardening habits and how I help my clients manage their hard-earned money.

As a gardener, I’ve noticed the importance of:

Retirees ask “How does my family home fit into my retirement plan?”

As our population continues to age in Canada, there will be a number of significant issues and trends that will impact the way business and government respond to the needs of Canada’s senior citizens. One of these issues will be the need for proper housing solutions in many Canadian communities due to this phenomenon. Conventional ways of addressing those needs has typically been through downsizing or renovation to an existing home or property. However, there are other notable reasons why one might be considering selling their family home.

International Women’s Day: Honouring Women & Money and Why We Can Do Better

The year is 1989 when Ilyce Glink, then founder and president of Think Glink Media walked into her local bank with her husband to apply for a mortgage. Now sitting down with the bank’s mortgage specialist, Ilyce began describing her monthly income to help the mortgage specialist determine the couple’s borrowing threshold. “Don’t worry honey, your income doesn’t even count”, she recalls being told by the mortgage specialist (1). In recent years, attitudes towards women and money have certainly come a long way.


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