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The Behemoth Rollercoaster, Michael Jordan And Peter Lynch; 3 Rules To Investing Like A Pro

You’re on a roller-coaster ride and you are climbing that huge crest. Each screeching chug upwards adds more excitement than the last. Full of wonderment, you think “Is this excitement ever going to end?” Just then you take a tumultuous plunge down, which feels nothing like the exhilarating ride upwards, and you have that unwelcoming feeling of losing your stomach; your fight or flight reaction kicks in.

Are You Planning a Staycation This Summer?

With the rising cost of travel, coupled with the lower value of the Canadian dollar, many Canadians are adopting the new idea of a Staycation. Let’s face it, for many of us our home is our castle and there are plenty of benefits to enjoying our own space while taking time away from work. Staying close to home allows us to continue working on retirement savings and reducing our family debt. Sounds like “killing two birds with one stone” to me!

It's Tax Time….5 Tax Tips To Save Money On Your 2014 Income Tax Filing

1. Contributing to RRSPs

Has your financial advisor been coaching you to add regular amounts to your RRSP? This little nugget of wisdom not only helps you save for the day when you are no longer earning a pay-cheque, but also helps you defer paying taxes on that money today, as well as grow that money tax deferred. This tends to be one of the single most impactful tricks to reducing your tax liability for most tax payers.

2. Claiming all eligible medical expenses

The Falling Loonie…Are You Falling Alongside It? Three Key Ways The Falling Loonie Is Impacting You

If you have read the news lately, you can’t avoid the constant headlines about the recent interest rate cut and the value of the loonie falling in lockstep. A number of my clients have asked me why they should care and what it means to them. Here were some of my answers:

2015: A Year of Big Dreams...(Why Not!?)

If there is one thing I love to do, it is to dream big. Looking back on this past year, it is clear that I am not alone. In 2014, Apple unveiled its smart watch, we saw the first prototype of a pacemaker made from a 3D printer and learned that nanobots have the capability of killing cancer cells. Wow!! These are all examples of somebody’s big dream to change the way we traditionally understand our world.


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