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Travel Insurance: Four Things You MUST Know

You’ve never needed travel insurance until you needed it. Let me start by telling my story.

In my early 20’s, I booked a trip to the Dominican Republic. Being young, naïve and somewhat confident that “it wouldn’t happen to me”, I decided to forego the purchase of travel insurance while away on my one week getaway.

On the very first day of my trip, I had an uncomfortable feeling on the surface of my abdomen. After lying in the sun all day, I felt further irritation. I knew that something was wrong when I woke up the next morning with massive blisters on my stomach.

Group Of Seven Learn Financial Life Skills At An Early Age

No, I am not talking about the group of famous Canadian landscape painters from the 1920s. I’m talking about the seven of us children raised by my parents, Sue and Paul.

Growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s, our family was like most others in rural Nova Scotia. Mom and Dad had plenty of mouths to feed and limited resources. But they were educated and determined to teach us life’s valuable lessons, including finance, during our early school years.

The Behemoth Rollercoaster, Michael Jordan And Peter Lynch; 3 Rules To Investing Like A Pro

You’re on a roller-coaster ride and you are climbing that huge crest. Each screeching chug upwards adds more excitement than the last. Full of wonderment, you think “Is this excitement ever going to end?” Just then you take a tumultuous plunge down, which feels nothing like the exhilarating ride upwards, and you have that unwelcoming feeling of losing your stomach; your fight or flight reaction kicks in.

Are You Planning a Staycation This Summer?

With the rising cost of travel, coupled with the lower value of the Canadian dollar, many Canadians are adopting the new idea of a Staycation. Let’s face it, for many of us our home is our castle and there are plenty of benefits to enjoying our own space while taking time away from work. Staying close to home allows us to continue working on retirement savings and reducing our family debt. Sounds like “killing two birds with one stone” to me!


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